What to expect!

The mission and foundation of everything Christ’s Church does is to know God and to make Him known.

Christ’s Church is an excellent place to find answers to life's questions and find comfort in times of difficulties. Regardless of church background, or lack thereof, people who attend Christ’s Church hear a message of hope through Jesus Christ presented in a manner that each can understand.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. For answers to other questions relating to Christ’s Church and its ministries, please call 281.488.1775

What are your services like?

Our Sunday services at Christ’s Church are comprised of two elements: powerful worship and a life-changing message. Worship is led by our worship pastor, accompanied by talented singers and band, in a style consistent with today's culture. Our Wednesday night Small Group Bible Studies are more of a hands-on classroom experience where you can expect to delve deep into the Word each week. 

So there's no Sunday School?

Nope. If you're looking to be part of a more hands-on class, we invite you to attend one of our awesome small group classes every Wednesday night. If you just like to show up early on Sunday morning, make a pit stop for complimentary coffee in our coffee bar located in the Education Center.

Do I have to dress up to attend Sunday Service?

Absolutely not. If you'd like to, we won't stop you, but we would prefer you comfortable over fancy. You can rest assured Pastor Bob will usually be wearing jeans.

What is available for children?

Christ’s Church has uniquely designed ministries for children, infant through fifth grade. While the adults are in regular service, our children have the amazing opportunity to attend Children's Church, where they can experience engaging age-appropriate teaching, music, and activities that point a child toward a relationship with Christ. Not to be outdone by the big kids, our babies and toddlers can attend Little Lamb's Nursery, a fun and safe environment accompanied by a check-in system  that ensures a safe environment for children and allows for efficient drop-off and pick-up for parents/guardians. All our staff and volunteers are dedicated to fulfilling this mission: Teaching kids to love God, live His Word, and love others.

What is available for older students?

Through Warriors of Love Student ministries,middle and high school students are challenged to connect to the heart of God as they become the Church of today.Students are dared to make the daily choice of pursuing God while building relationships with their peers, developing accountability, and growing together in their relationship with Christ.