Today as we welcome new members, I have a special blessing for Membership:

New members

In the Name of Jesus, I bless you and welcome you as you enter into Covenant membership here at Christ’s Church.  Be blessed to find your place of ministry here for the Lord has called you and placed you here in our fellowship, not just as a body in a seat, but as a vital and necessary part of the Body of Christ here.   I release the Holy Spirit over your life to guide you granting you wisdom as you find and begin to use your gifts and talents to honor our Lord Jesus and build up the Body of Christ.  May you quickly find your role and ministry as you make the body more complete!

May the fellowship of the Body of Christ begin to transform your life as you are discipled and disciple others, so that we may all together be transformed from glory to glory into that image of Jesus Christ that God desires for each of us.

May you find and develop deeper relationships as you get to know the rest of the body and may a Spirit of Unity forever knit our hearts together so that the world will know that we are true followers of Jesus Christ.  May God bless you, prosper you, fulfill your dreams and desires as we all follow Christ together.

Believing for Greater,

Pastor Bob