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Hello, Christ's Church Family,

Here is the Pastoral Blessing for this week.
In the name of Jesus, I bless you to receive a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit as He rains down refreshment into your being, watering the dry areas with His life-giving waters!    As he reigns as King in your life, may you receive the refreshing of that rain in every area of your life.  May that fresh outpouring go deep into your entire being.

May His reign fill your home making it a place of rest and refreshing, where joy and equipping prepare you for His work in the World around you.   Receive new levels of communication between you and your other family members, the healing of broken relationships and a restoration of all things broken.  May God’s Spirit bring reunion to those separated and a deepening of those relationships that are already in place.

May His reign be established in your workplace, bringing forth a supernatural level of success and productivity that is noticed by those over you, bringing forth raises and promotions and financial bonuses that allow you to prosper and bless others.

As Christ reigns in you, may you establish His kingdom wherever your day might take you, bringing hope, healing and help to all that cross your path.  In the name of Jesus, who forever reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords, I bless you!

Believing For Greater,
Pastor Bob