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In the name of Jesus I bless you to live out your faith in ways that demonstrate to the
world around you that Jesus is alive in you.
Be blessed to love others both in and outside the body of Christ in a way that speaks to
their hearts and reveals to them the love of our Father in heaven.  May your love bring
change to other people’s days, hearts, minds and situations.
May your eyes be open to the needs of others as God fills your hearts with compassion
for them.  And as you see those needs, may you move quickly to reach out to them.
Be blessed with a mouth that brings blessings, and encouragements, words of hope,
acceptance and peace.   May your hands lift up the broken and battered and may
healing be found in your touch.
May your life unfurl a banner of God’s love and compassion for others through the
servant actions that you produce.  And may those actions bring honor to our King whom
we serve.  In Jesus name I bless you.