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Christ has declared that if you abide in Him
and His words abide in you, you may ask
for anything you want, and it will be

So be blessed to make every effort to abide
in Christ.  May you be continually aware of
Holy Spirit’s presence and may you hunger
to walk in greater intimacy and a new
revelation of God every day.  May you be
as the disciple John, always found resting
in Jesus.

And as you draw close may you find a new
love and passion for the Word of God.  May
the Word of God dwell in you richly,
teaching you and keeping you and washing
you clean of the things of this world as Holy
Spirit begins to teach you new things.

Be transformed as the Word renews your
mind setting you free from all falsehood.  

May the Word become your standard of
right and the measure of how you live.

And as you abide in Christ and His Word
abides in you, may you expect greater as
God moves answering prayers.  May signs
and wonders, healing and deliverance
begin to manifest as you pray and ask God
to move.  May the Kingdom of God be
established through your prayers as you
pray in accordance with God’s will.  In
Jesus’ name I bless you.