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In the name of Jesus, I bless you as a child of God. God has chosen you; He has
declared you to be His Child adopted through the precious blood of Jesus. May the
confirmation of that adoption, spring forth from His Spirit, who lives in you.
I bless you to live with childlike faith and continuous expectation that God’s goodness is
yours. He is your provider, help, strength, and peace. All you need for life and living is
found in Him. And as a child, may a spirit of contentment fill your heart and mind
As God’s child know that He wants to use you to reach others with the good news of His
love and forgiveness, be blessed to discover the talents, gifts and abilities that He has
given you as you place them in His hands where He can multiply what you have and
who you are to be a blessing to others.
May the joy of the Lord fill your heart with a song and may you live continually aware of
your Father in heaven who adores you! In Jesus’ name I bless you!