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In the name of Jesus I bless you with the promises of God that
are yes and amen.  I bless you to be a people of God that walk in
a true understanding of God, not just of His actions, but to know
Him intimately and personally.  May His laws be the delight of
your heart.  May you constantly be aware of His great and
unending love for you and live in His presence continually.
I bless your minds to be open and ready for the Word of God. 
May you be free from the guilt of past sin and failure as you
experience His total forgiveness of sins.  I bless your eyes to see
only the good in yourself and others and to focus on God's view
and opinion of you.   I bless your mouth to speak only words of
encouragement and love, drawing others to Jesus and building up
those already in the body of Christ.  I bless your ears to be closed
to those hurtful things that are thrown at you.  I cancel every
negative and demeaning word that has been spoken against you
and bless your ears to hear only those things that will help and
encourage you.
I bless your hands to be helping hands that are filled with
compassion.  May your hands be full of healing to all those who
are in need.  I bless you to work in the power of God, daily
bringing forth His works to a world in darkness.
I bless you with God's peace, love and life to live in His presence
and to bring His presence and delivering power where-ever you
go in this coming week.  In Jesus name I bless you.