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Hello, Christ's Church Family!

Here is the Pastoral Blessing for this week:
In the name of Jesus I bless you with all the promises of God that He has brought into being, to equip you and prepare you for His good work and pleasure.  May you prosper in the way that He has called you to go and find your path clear and peaceful.  

May the grace of God that goes beyond our ability to understand fill you to overflowing and encourage you to step out to do the things He has called you to do.  Know that in Christ Jesus, there is no failure, so walk with courage and acceptance know that you are His child, fully accepted, approved and loved.  May you hear in your heart the voice of the Father singing over you with joy.

May you experience His provision of heath as He has paid for our healing;  May you know His love which is without measure.  May His joy fill your heart and mind as you receive a greater revelation of who He is and how much He cares for you each morning.  In Jesus name, I bless you. 
Believing for Greater,
Pastor Bob