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Hello, Christ's Church Family,
Here is the special Mother's Day blessing I shared yesterday.

In the name of Jesus I bless you with a fresh and new revelation of the precious role you have as a woman and a mother. You have been entrusted with the care of human life from the very beginning in the womb and so may God grant you a deeper understanding of that blessing so that you may express God’s unlimited love for every child in your life.

Be blessed with wisdom as you provide knowledge and understanding to your children, both biological and spiritual.  

Receive fresh faith and courage as you face times of fear and pain and in times of uncertainty and doubt, may you stand in the hope and peace that is found in Christ Jesus.

May the Holy Spirit minister comfort, to each mother who is experiencing sorrow today, in remembering the loss of a child, or for those facing illness, we speak healing.  For those estranged from their children or families, receive reconciliation and restoration and for those with children facing danger, may you know the tender mercy and love of our heavenly Father.  

May the Holy Spirit constantly inspire and strengthen you as you follow the example of Mary, the mother of Jesus, demonstrating fidelity, humility, and self-giving love. May each mother receive God’s Grace abundantly as we look forward to the eternal joy of the life to come.

In Jesus’ name I bless you!

Believing for Greater,
Pastor Bob