Hello, Christ's Church Family,

With Thanksgiving this week, I have a special Thanksgiving blessing for you:

In the name of Jesus I bless you with a refreshing from God as you celebrate this National time of Thanksgiving.  And as you give thanks, may God pour out a Spirit of Thanksgiving to fill your heart.  May fresh praise and abundant thanksgiving fill your mouth as you live a life of giving thanks.  Be thankful for his goodness and rejoice in his love.  May thanksgiving fill your speech causing you to lift up the goodness that God has poured out on you.

Be blessed with a peaceful holiday with family and friends as you give thanks for all God has done for you.  May you know His peace, His provision and His hope in this time and may you bring that message to others.  May His protection be upon you and may His presence direct and fill your life.  May you see all restored to you, as you exalt the King with Thanksgiving.  In Jesus name I bless you.

Believing for Greater,

Pastor Bob