Hello Christ's Church Family!

Here is this week's Blessing:

In the name of Jesus, may God's best come upon you as you obey God's word.  The stripes laid on Jesus' back will yield health and wholeness to your physical body.  The Holy Spirit make you healthy and strong in body, mind and spirit to move in faith and expectancy.

I bless you with a strong desire and determination to discover and practice all that Christianity was meant to be.  May you think about God's Word every day and every night so that you will be sure to obey all of them. For only then will you succeed. Be blessed with supernatural strength to turn your eyes from foolish, worthless and evil things.  Instead, may you behold the beauty of things that God has planned for you as you obey His Word.

Be blessed in your homes.  Be quick to forgive.  I bless your ears to hear the lovely, the uplifting, and the encouraging, and to shut out the demeaning and the negative.  Blessed are you when you trust in the Lord.  I bless you fathers to make known God's truth to your children.

May you never neglect God's counsel nor turn from His counsel nor turn from His reproof. You shall overcome the wicked one and the Holy Spirit shall order your steps away from temptation and He will deliver you from evil. May God cover you with His protective hedge of safety, strength, and good health.

May God have mercy on you and be gracious to you.  I bless you in Jesus' name.

Believing for Greater,

Pastor Bob