Hello, Christ's Church Family!

Here is the Blessing for this week:

Today I release in your life the power and reality of the finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross.  Jesus declared as He died, “It is finished” and breached the veil separating us from God.  Your sins are forgiven and you now have access to the presence of God.  That finished work of Jesus has brought about complete victory over the enemy.  So stand up with strength to follow as Christ did, destroying the works of the Enemy, wherever they may be found.

As you unravel the work of the enemy, through the power of the cross and standing firm in the Father’s Amen by raising Christ from the Dead, may you stand declaring the truth of the Word of God.   May your declaration IT IS WRITTEN, silence the voice of the enemy and expose his lies.

May you stand in victory over the demonic forces that promote the kingdom of darkness.   Arise shine for the light that is Jesus Christ as come and the glory of the Kingdom is yours.  No weapon formed against you will prosper.  Your place is now seated with Christ in a place of authority so use that authority to break the back of the enemy and his assault on you, your family, your friends and those in darkness.

The finished work of the cross is yours, the resurrected life of Christ is in you, so bring forth the hope that is Jesus Christ.

Believing for Greater,

Pastor Bob